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Abhinaya Actress Wallpapers

Abhinaya Actress Wallpapers


Name : Abhinaya Anand

Date of Birth : 13 November

Languages : Telugu,Tamil, Malayalam

Debut Movie : Naadodigal

About Actress : Abhinaya is an Indian FIlm Actress.Abhinaya Born on 13 November in 1992 in Kadalur and Residing in Hydrebad. Abhinaya Acted as Telugu, Tamil, Kannada Film. Abhinaya  Made her Debute Movie Naadodigal .Abhinaya Got Film Fare Award for this Movie. Abhinaya has great talent despite being deaf and dumb but she is amazing at acting. Naadodigal no one believed that she can’t hear and speak. Abinagaya won  film fare awards for her acting in Naadodigal & Shambo Shiva Shambo.

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